Winter Weather?
It's February, the temperature has been in the sixties for some time, and now my daffodils are blooming.
Of course, tonight's thunderstorms and tomorrow's snow flurries will take care of that. Sheesh.
No pretties for Easter this year.

Yearly Post
I'm just posting this to keep the account going.

Of course, if you can explain the recent obsession with zombies.....

I Wonder
I'm always amazed at the number of political commentators posing as news reporters. I wonder how that happened? I remember news anchors that actually did nothing but report news. Sigh. My age is showing, isn't it?

I can not believe how the weather is so goofy this year. It's only May and 80 degrees. Sheesh.

Another b-day

It's my birthday and I'm feeling very, very old today. Spent most of the day doing my everyday routine, but just feel creaky in the joints. Hopefully, tomorrow will be "easier".

To much heat!
Ok! Whoever ordered hot steamy weather...your order is in. Now collect it and get it away from me!
105 with heat index today. Sheesh!

(no subject)
AArgh! How long does it take to get used to a laptop? My desktop is down and my sister's letting me use this contraption! I have to type one-fingered and that takes forever! 

Getting Started (finally)
This is my first time entry, and I'm not sure how often I'll have time to do this, but HI!
I'm a retired person, family caregiver, and UNCLE first-generation fan.
I also like a few other shows like NCIS, Reaper, and an occational episode of other similar shows.
My ambition is to find as many UNCLE zines as I can!


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